Gen. Pholomir Zarmal

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General Pholomir Volmar Zarmal is a high-ranking Caropsyne military officer, and the Bureau Chief of the Damosca. In the last few months, Zarmal has overtaken his predecessor and rival Gen. Larimas Folmer in controlling the intelligence agency, having transferred executive power from the position of Chairman to that of Bureau Chief, effectively reducing the role of Folmer to that of a civil servant.

Zarmal is often regarded across the region as a cruel and ruthless man, responsible for numerous suspicious and terrorist activities in other nations. Zarmal has a reputatation for secrecy and a sinister calmness in dealing with problem cases. Recently, Zarmal has been regularly travelling across the region to his seven offices, each located on a different major landmass. Widely seen as acting above the law, he is perceived by some Caropsynes as being the puppetmaster behind the Pontanore Government, using the threat of force to compell the government of Dr. Haldric Maldian into making dangerous decisions. He is also thought to have personally kindapped Miria Serenoda and brought her to Euvodora following her public outburst over the policies of Dr. Phodric Dormond.

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